Happy New Year – Catholic School Style!

It’s the New Year, which means it’s time for resolutions! Of course, if you are like me, you can recycle the same resolutions from last year. (I’m still trying to lose those 15 pounds!) But resolutions don’t just have to be for yourself “ the New Year is the perfect time to resolve to do something different or try something new on behalf of your Catholic school!

Here are five possible New Year’s resolutions you might try implementing:

  1. Increase your volunteer base. Find five parents who have never volunteered before and personally invite them to help with an event.
  2. Create a Facebook page for your school. (Or better yet, get one of those five parents to do it!) Then use it to reach out to alumni!
  3. Invite a representative from your diocesan vocations office — or your pastor! — to talk to your students about the priesthood.
  4. Secretaries are your front line of hospitality! Work with your secretary to better welcome prospective families when they make an inquiry.
  5. Publicly recognize a parent, volunteer, student, teacher, or staff member who has made an especially important contribution to your school. Let everyone know that you have incredible people at your school!

These are just a few suggestions; feel free to share your own in the comments! And if you try one of these, let us know how it goes!