The Church makes people holy

Two girls came to the surgery for another bottle of medicine for their mothers.

‘It did your mother good, then?’ said the doctor to the first. ‘Here’s another bottle, then. Make sure she has it after meals.’

The other girl said her mother wasn’t any better.

‘Too bad,’ said the doctor. ‘I wonder if I ought to change the medicine.’

‘She said it didn’t make her cough any better, though she rubbed it on her chest night and morning.’

‘Rubbed it on! No wonder she isn’t better. Can’t she read the label ”” One tablespoonful in water to be taken three times a day”? No medicine is going to cure people if they don’t use it.’

The same is true of prayer and the sacraments. The Church offers to us all the means of holiness, but if we don’t use them, or if we misuse them, they will not help us.

Chesterton said : ‘Christianity has not failed, it has never been tried.’ The people who really have tried it are the saints: they are the people who make full use of the helps Our Lord has given us.

– Rev. F.H. Drinkwater, Catechism Stories Part I: the Creed (1939)