3 Minute Retreat: Blessed and Broken

My next reflection was posted today for Loyola Press’s 3-Minute Retreat!  You can view the retreat on the  3-Minute Retreat web site  or  Facebook page. (It really does only take three minutes!)


The breaking of the bread has always been an intriguing symbol to me. Bread can only be shared when it is broken; it can only fulfill its purpose through its own destruction. This seems a fitting image of the call to martyrdom “ loving God so much that we are willing to allow ourselves to be broken for him, to die to ourselves for something greater. Yet in this brokenness is also great blessing, for it is not a barren, empty destruction, but the means by which we are given new life. Just as the broken bread was blessed and sustained the multitudes, so too are our broken lives blessed and made an instrument of the Kingdom of God.

Original photo by libraryman/flickrCC