Episode 008 – St. Luke to the ER, Stat!

008This month on the program I’m featuring a topic about catechesis outside the parish and school. Most of the time when we talk about catechesis in the Church we’re referring to PSR programs, adult faith formation, or the Catholic school. But those aren’t the only settings in which the Church explains it teachings.

For this episode I recorded separate interviews with two administrators who “catechize” in Catholic hospitals:

  • Mary Homan, Mission Integration Coordinator at St. Francis Health Center (Topeka, KS)
  • Ben Wiederholt, Vice President of Mission Integration at Flaget Memorial Hospital (Bardstown, KY) and St. Joseph Mt. Sterling Hospital (Mt. Sterling, KY)

In the interviews they talk about what mission integration is, why it is important to Catholic health care, and how they explain the faith to the associates in their hospitals.

Click to Play – 008 – St. Luke to the ER Stat