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Jonathan F. Sullivan

My name is Jonathan F. Sullivan and I currently serve as a diocesan catechetical leader for the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana. I’m also the author of Sunday Prayer for Catechists 2014-2015 (Liturgy Training Publications, 2014).

I received my BA in theology and pastoral ministry from Quincy University and my MA from Aquinas Institute of Theology. I love to help parish, school, and diocesan leaders engage the evolving digital culture by helping them to understand the opportunities and challenges it presents to the Christian faith.

I’ve spoken at the National Catholic Educational Association, National Conference for Catechetical Leadership, and the Gigs, Geeks, and God conference. My webinars on catechesis and social media were featured in Brandon Vogt’s book The Church and New Media and I’ve been published in Pastoral Liturgy, Catechist, Catechetical Leader, and Catholic Library World.

I enjoy reading, cooking, photography, and playing board games. I’m not so crazy about yard work or buying shoes, but recognize them as necessary evils in a fallen world.

My wife Bethany and I have been married since 2000; we have nine children.

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