What is Random Lent?
Random Lent generates a random penance to help you keep this season of prayer, alms-giving, and fasting as we prepare for the celebration of the Easter mysteries.

What if I’m unable to do the penance I’ve been given?
Hit refresh and get another random one! The point isn’t to assign you a difficult penance but to help inspire you to choose a penance that is challenging but still attainable. If you have specific health concerns, contact a doctor before undertaking your penance.

What if I’m not Catholic/Christian?
That’s OK! Asceticism can benefit anyone, even if you don’t consider yourself “religious.”

Who’s behind this thing?
My name is Jonathan. I’m a diocesan religious education leader, a husband and father, and a very imperfect disciple of Jesus.

Random Lent | © 2020 Jonathan F. Sullivan.