Three Ways to Keep Me From Following You on Twitter


I haven’t made any bones about the fact that Twitter is my go-to social media platform. I find that I get more value out of Twitter with the same investment of time and energy than any other service out there.

That having been said I’m still pretty picky about who I choose to follow on Twitter. (Yes, even someone who follows 2,200 accounts has standards!)

With that in mind here are three things that will keep me from following you on Twitter:

  1. Only post once per week. Twitter is a veritable fire hose of updates and information; it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. If you’re not posting on a regular basis — even once a day or so — I know I’m going to miss whatever you have to say, so I probably won’t even bother following you in the first place. The USCCB posts about 7-9 times per day (including retweets); that’s a pretty healthy stream of information and ensures that, regardless of when I check Twitter, I’ll probably notice you. I do make some exceptions for this rule, but only for people that post really high-quality updates that I don’t want to miss.
  2. Never reply to what others post. I use Twitter to interact with other people — the real takeaway for me is the conversations and sharing that occurs in 140 characters. If I don’t see any @ replies in your Twitter stream I’m probably not going to bother following you because it’s obvious you’re not interested in talking, just broadcasting.
  3. Only post promotions — or worse, spam. A couple months ago I had a Catholic company tweet at me about some service or product they were offering. Starting a relationship with a sales pitch isn’t the best first move. To make it even worse, when I checked their account it was obvious that they were sending the exact same message to dozens of others Catholics on Twitter. This is pretty much the definition of spam and I reported the account to Twitter as such. I don’t care if we share the faith or not — good manners count online. Introduce yourself to others by replying to their tweets before you start telling them about your services.

Do you have any standards for connecting with others online? Share them in the comments!