“Religion teachers engage in an apostolate”

apple“First of all, therefore, in this ministry of teaching, a spiritual formation is necessary. Religion teachers engage in an apostolate: that of living the truths of the faith and of explaining them to others, that these in turn may know and live them. As in any true apostolate, its members must first form themselves in order to inform others. This consists essentially in carrying out a rule of life which includes daily prayer, recitation of the rosary, faithful attendance at Mass, frequent reception of the sacraments, and periodical days of recollection and retreats, according to one’s station in life. Provision must be made, moreover, for spiritual reading and daily meditation or mental prayer. Sermons, instructions, and spiritual direction from a regular confessor are almost indispensable aids for growth and development of the heart and soul of one engaged in the apostolate of teaching. From all these means of sanctification the religion teacher will be inspired and empowered to carry out the difficult duties of his special vocation.”

– Very Rev. Joseph B. Collins, SS; Confraternity Teacher’s Guide (1960)