VLCFF Course – Survey of Catholic Doctrine

I recently received my 2013 course schedule from the  Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation (VLCFF); I’ll be facilitating a section of Survey of Catholic Doctrine in January and February:

This course will look at some of the major doctrines of the Catholic Church. Participants will come to a better understanding of the Trinity, original sin, church, salvation history, and the communion of saints. Participants will be asked to identify the meaning of magisterium, ecumenism, eschatology, and other Catholic terms.

I’ll also be facilitating a seminar on the General Directory for Catechesis and National Directory for Catechesis in March and sections of “Media, Faith, & Values” in June and September.

Registration information is available at  the VLCFF web site. Courses are $90, or $40 if you live in  a partnering diocese.