Faith Firm and Lively

Children have an open and candid faith, and upon that the teacher builds. They are unquestioning and receptive to the deepest mysteries of religion. It is only when the pupils grow older that doubt and skepticism may appear. This fact is partly natural and partly due to the prevailing attitude of some teachers of secular subjects: take nothing for granted, question and inquire, test and prove to your own satisfaction all that you see and hear. All principles and truths are thus called into question. The catechist must point out that the doctrines of the Church are not to be treated in the same way as conclusions in the experimental sciences. One does not test religious teachings in a laboratory, but there are certain truths which we take on faith; and it is enough to point out that they are not unreasonable or contrary to reason.

– Very Rev. Joseph B. Collins, SS, Confraternity Teacher’s Guide (1960)