50 Year of Faith Activities: #13-15

Every Friday through October 5 I will be offering suggestions for the celebration of the Year of Faith.

    1. Hold a “Stump the Pastor” Night. Invite parishioners for a potluck and open Q&A with the pastor! Questions can be about anything connected with the faith. Be sure to bring copies of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Sacred Scripture, and other reference texts for those really tricky questions.
    2. Thank your catechists. Catechists are a vital part of the parish’s faith life — they help to pass on the faith to children and to grow the faith of adults. Give them a token of your appreciation: a thank you note, a small gift (chocolate never hurts!) or even an end-of-year dinner to show your appreciation.
    3. Start a Catholic book club. Gather a group to read and discuss great Catholic literature! You can read a book a month, or tackle a large work across multiple months. You can find lots of free study guides online; just search Google. With so many great Catholic books and authors out there you’ll have years’ worth of material to work with!

Photo by Ralph Hammann/WikiCommons