50 Year of Faith Activities: #9-10

Every Friday through October 5 I will be offering suggestions for the celebration of the Year of Faith.

  1. Introduce the Liturgy of the Hours in your parish. The Divine Office is the prayer of the whole Church — not just the clergy and consecrated religious! As a special Lenten practice, hold a Vespers (Evening Prayer) service in your parish and invite the faithful to participate. Give some basic instruction on this largely unfamiliar liturgical prayer, and point families to resources for carrying it on after Lent is over.
  2. Interview your pastor. With the ubiquity of small, cheap video cameras — some embedded in the phones we all carry — creating videos to post online is easier than ever. Have your youth group come up with a series of questions and then interview the parish pastor. When they’re finished, upload the interview on YouTube and then share it on your web site and Facebook page!