50 Year of Faith Activities: #6-8

Every Friday through October 5 I will be offering suggestions for the celebration of the Year of Faith.

  1. Organize a “thank you note” drive for godparent(s).  This would be an ideal activity for Catholic schools, PSR programs, or Confirmation classes. Have the young people  write  thank you notes to their godparents — the people who stood by as they were baptized into the faith!
  2. Host a group reading of the Catechism.  Some places will honor an author or work by having a continuous group reading — why not for the 20th anniversary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church? Have people sign up ahead of time to read a few sections, then come together to listen to it being read from start to finish! (Of course people don’t have to stay for the whole thing.) You can make this a multi-site event by using Skype or another video conferencing service.
  3. Raise money for the Pontifical Missions Societies. Celebrating our faith means sharing our faith! Hold a bake sale, rummage sale, or another fundraiser for the Holy Father’s evangelization efforts.