50 Year of Faith Activities: #11-12

Every Friday through October 5 I will be offering suggestions for the celebration of the Year of Faith.

  1. Run a monthly “Year of Faith” column in your diocesan paper. Dioceses can run a monthly column about various Year of Faith-related topics. Invite various participants — curia staff, pastors, and parishioners — to write items to be included. Possible topics include the gift of the Catechism, memories of what it was like growing up Catholic in the wake of Vatican Council II, or reflections on how the faith is lived in the local Church.
  2. Take parishioners to the Rite of Election. Every year all the catechumens of a diocese gather with the bishop for the Rite of Election. It is a powerful ritual moment in the life of those seeking to enter the Church, but one in which members of their local parish are often missing! Organize a trip with your catechumens to your cathedral so that parishioners can show their support and witness this important step in the RCIA for themselves!