Technology and Prayer: The Angelus Bell

A few months ago I decided to add a new element to my prayer routine: the daily Angelus. Unfortunately I had a problem in that my schedule varies greatly from day to day, so making a habit of praying at noon is difficult.

The solution: my cell phone.

I created a new alarm on my phone set to go off at noon every day. That could have been enough, but it didn’t seem very “churchy.” Knowing that in the past churches would ring their bells to signal the praying of the Angelus I decided to take things a step further. I did a search for “church bells mp3”, downloaded the sound of a church bell ringing, and set that sound as the alarm tone. The result: at noon every day my “Angelus bell” sounds from my phone, signaling me to take a few moments for prayer!

This system has worked very well and, if you’re like me and carry your phone almost everywhere, it can be a simple way to incorporate a little more prayer in your day!