3 Minute Retreat: Personal Satisfaction

My last  reflection was posted today for Loyola Press’s 3-Minute Retreat!  You can view the retreat on the  3-Minute Retreat web site  or  Facebook page. (It really does only take three minutes!)


The Church extols the virtue of humility “ and with good reason! Humility is the starting point for a deep relationship with God, for without humility we risk placing our own accomplishments above those of God. Yet we can also fall into the trap of false humility, in which we downplay the talents and gifts given to us through the Holy Spirit or fail to give thanks to the Father for them. This silence is equally deadly, for it denies that all we have is a gift. It can also be an impediment to spreading the Gospel by failing to demonstrate what we, as Christians, have to be thankful for! Take pride in your work, but remember to give thanks to God for what he has given you.

I want to thank Loyola Press for inviting me to participate in this project. It was an honor to have my reflections hosted with so many other great writers!

Original photo by mkd/flickrCC