3 Minute Retreat: Never Forgotten

My next reflection was posted today for Loyola Press’s 3-Minute Retreat!  You can view the retreat on the  3-Minute Retreat web site  or  Facebook page. (It really does only take three minutes!)


I have a secret: I’ve envied my wife whenever she’s been pregnant. OK, maybe not for the morning sickness or back pain! But she gets a head start on developing a relationship with our children. She gets nine months of deep intimacy which is available to me only dimly. She knows that child in ways I can only imagine “ just as God knows us in such tender, intimate ways. Even when we sin and turn our back on him, God extends a love even deeper than my wife’s love for our children. That’s thrilling, awe-inspiring, and maybe a little terrifying! But such is the way that God carries us, knows us, loves us.