3 Minute Retreat: In Remembrance of Me

My latest  reflection was posted today for Loyola Press’s 3-Minute Retreat!  You can view the retreat on the  3-Minute Retreat web site  or  Facebook page. (It really does only take three minutes!)


There are some memories that never fail to make me smile: playing board games in a lake cabin with my friends, my mom’s surprise 60th birthday party, the birth of my children. Memory has a powerful effect on our emotions and can make friends and family long gone seem as if they are in the room with us. Jesus must have known about this effect, for why else would he ask us to celebrate in his memory? By coming together to share his Body and Blood, we are reminded not only of the events of Jesus’ life, but of the joy we have in the promises he has made to us. By keeping that joy in our hearts we can become beacons of light in the world, drawing others closer to him whom we remember.

Original photo by Rusty Clark/flickrCC