3 Minute Retreat: Gifts at the Altar

My latest  reflection was posted today for Loyola Press’s 3-Minute Retreat!  You can view the retreat on the  3-Minute Retreat web site  or  Facebook page. (It really does only take three minutes!)


When the gifts are brought to the altar at Mass, there is more going on than meets the eye. While the bread and wine which will become the Body and Blood of Christ are carried forward, we also bring our own hearts to be cleansed and purified. In the third Eucharistic Prayer the priest asks on our behalf that Christ œmake of us an eternal offering  to the Father. It is not just the bread and wine that are changed on the altar! We, too, are made more Christ-like through the offering of ourselves. By practicing what we celebrate “ by extending to our brothers and sisters the same forgiveness shown and commanded by Jesus “ we demonstrate this change to the world.

Original photo by Fr. Lawrence Lew, OP/flickrCC