“Today’s pupils are accustomed to…”

In my basement where my computer is set up home office, I have a shelf filled with a number of older catechetical texts. Some of these were given to me by friends and family; some were rescued from the dustbin at work. All were published before the Second Vatican Council, and despite their age, there is still wisdom to be found in them.

A few weeks ago I was flipping through the  Confraternity Teacher’s Guide: A Textbook for the Training of Teachers in CCD Schools of Religion  (written by the Very Rev. Joseph B. Collins, SS, in 1960) and came across this quote in a section on audio-visual aids:

The catechist will find that catechetical material in filmstrips, both black and white and in color, is steadily increasing in volume. He will find satisfactory filmstrips which correlate with courses of study and with the catechism. The entire field of Christian doctrine, Bible and Church history, life of Christ, and the lives of the saints are adequately covered in a large number of catechetical filmstrips. The number of catechetical subjects available on sound motion-picture film is comparatively limited. The teaching value of the silent movie is greatly reduced by the fact that today pupils are accustomed to sound movies. (emphasis mine)

This got me thinking: what technologies are youth in our catechetical programs accustomed to today? And what technologies or methods are we using that may turn them off as quaint and antiquated?

This video may be one clue: