Things Heard and Done at #CNMC11

This past Saturday I attended the Catholic New Media Conference in Kansas City. I had a great time meeting some fellow Catholic new media enthusiasts, including lots of people I follow on Twitter and Google+. These were some of the highlights:

  1. I started the day with an unexpected Holy Hour, thanks to the fact that I wrote down the wrong start time for Mass. (Doh!)
  2. “What counts isn’t the numbers, but the presence of the Holy Spirit.” – St. Anne Flanagan, FSP
  3. ”  We need to do a better job of recruiting talent and leaders for  Catholic  New Media.” – Matt Warner
  4. I got my copy of The Church and New Media  signed by Brandon Vogt!
  5. “Why do Catholics have to pay someone to set them on fire?” – Devin Jones
  6. “A good book either offers a gift or solves a problem.” – Pat Gohn
  7. Enjoyed a great keynote by Sean Patrick Lovett, the Director of Vatican Radio.
  8. Got Lisa Hendey to sign a copy of  Handbook for Catholic Moms  for my wife.
  9. “You’re a diocesan beereaucrat!” – Pat Gohn (This will now be added to my fictional business cards (along with Professional Catholic and Theology Geek).
  10. Enjoyed great dinner conversation with Fr. Roderick Vonhögen, Marc Cardaronella, Helen Lee, and Pat Gohn.

I really enjoyed my first CNMC, and while I doubt I’ll be able to go every year, I certainly hope to get back again in the future!

Photo by Scott Maentz/FlickrCC