Upcoming Free Webinar: Catechizing Digital Natives

Next month I will be offering another webinar on technology and catechesis:

Today’s generation gap seems larger than ever. The students in our parishes and schools are comfortable with technologies that seemed like science fiction when many of us were growing up.

Given the radically different way that “digital natives” use technology to take in and process knowledge, what are the implications for the catechetical ministry of the Church? How can we reach out to them without compromising the Gospel? And what do teachers and catechists need to know about this “brave new world?”

This free webinar will seek to address these questions and help catechists, Catholic teachers, and youth ministers find ways to “bridge the gap.”

To register for this free webinar, choose one of the two sessions and follow the URL.

[Note: all times are Central Time]

You can also watch a recording of my last webinar, Social Networking: A Primer for Catholic Teachers and Catechists, at MyCatholicVoice.com.

photo by demi-brooke/flickrcc