‘Greater love than this’

In the War, two friends were out with a night patrol together. When the party returned under heavy fire to their trenches, one of the friends was found to be missing. By this time it was getting light, and almost certain death to be out on top, but the one friend insisted on crawling out to look for the other, and reluctantly the officer gave permission. He was watched slowly working his way into no-man’s-land, from shell-hole to shell-hole, and at last could be seen no more. When it became dusk again he crawled back and dropped into the trench, himself mortally wounded. While the stretcher-bearers were attending to him, the officer said: ‘Well, I hear you found your friend.’ ‘Yes, sir, but he only lived for a few minutes.’ ‘I’m afraid it was hardly worth it ”I wish I hadn’t let you go.’ ‘Oh, yes, sir, it was worth it. He said “Good old Jack ”I knew you would come!”‘

Our Lord’s love for us is like that ”He would give His life again for each one, if it were necessary.

– Rev. F.H. Drinkwater, Catechism Stories Part I: the Creed (1939)