Any Society needs a head

Some boy school-friends decided to start a new club. Several of them came to the father of one, and asked for the use of an empty shed in the garden. He asked what the club was for.

‘Oh, just to have as much fun as we can. It’ll be called the P.Y.L. — Please Yourself League.’

‘Any committee, or rules?’

‘No, we can’t be bothered with those things.’

‘Which of you is the secretary, then?’

‘Nobody wants to be secretary. Besides, we don’t need one, nor a president. That’s the whole point of the club. We don’t want any fuss about organisation, just the club, that’s all.’

‘Well, you can have the shed, but it doesn’t strike me as a very practical proposition.’

So the society was started, and a board ‘P.Y.L., H.Q.’ was placed over the door.

Next week the lender of the shed asked his son how the club was getting on.

‘Oh, it’s pretty awful. Everybody wants to have his own friends in, and keep other people’s friends out. Nothing but arguments.’

‘You want a committee, I should think.’

Next week: ‘Well, have you got the committee yet?’

‘Yes, I’m one — we volunteered for it. But they won’t listen, they all talk at once. Besides, it isn’t fair, some of them had a meeting last night when the rest of us didn’t know about it.’

‘Didn’t the chairman call the meeting, then?’

‘There isn’t a chairman.’

‘Well, why don’t you elect a good chairman? Every society needs a head of some sort.’

‘Yes, it does look like it.’

So the P.Y.L. provided itself with a chairman and a secretary, and things began to go properly. When little matters cropped up to be settled the chairman decided them, and if it was something big he called a meeting of the committee. One of the first things they did was to change the name of the club to the P.T.L., the ‘Pull together League.’

If a club for a few boys cannot get on without a ‘visible head,’ how much more Our Lord’s Church, which He wants every person to join?

– Rev. F.H. Drinkwater, Catechism Stories Part I: the Creed (1939)