Who’s Missing?

I had given up, after wrestling for a better part of the day, articulating my own thoughts about the juncture between today’s inauguration and Thursday’s March for Life. Then Matthew Warner summed it up better than I ever could:

In Barack Obama’s lifetime our nation has struggled in accepting African-Americans and treating them as equals.   Finally, we’ve had a breakthrough.   A black president.

Unfortunately, in that same struggle to the top for one class of people – in that same lifetime – we’ve trampled the rights of yet another entire class of people.   Indeed, many of us no longer believe these people are actually human.   Sound familiar?

Of course, I am speaking of the 50 millions abortions that have occurred in the US alone during the last lifetime.   50 million voiceless human beings that were denied and are still being denied their human rights.   That are treated as garbage.   That are not given a seat at the table or a spot on the bus.   That don’t get the chance to drink from any water fountain or attend any school.   They will never get the opportunity to march on Washington.   They are not even given the dignity of being treated as 3/5 of a person.