17 Books Every Catholic Leader Should Read

Ongoing formation is a foundational principle in Catholic teaching. We are not content to remain at an adolescent faith, ceasing our growth at Confirmation (or sooner!). Rather, we engage in life-long formation and education as adults, deepening our relationship with Jesus Christ so as to conform our lives more closely to the Paschal Mystery.

And yet, how many Catholic leaders — lay or ordained — stop to consider formation as a leader to be an ongoing and integral part of their spiritual and religious formation?

We know that we are called to grow in holiness through our particular vocations; shouldn’t our growth as leaders help us to grow as disciples of Jesus?

This short ebook lists 17 books that can help shape the imagination of leaders in the Church — both our broader vision for the mission of the Church and how we understand the more mundane day-to-day tasks of administration.

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