I am available to speak at workshops, conferences, professional development days, and in-services.  Use the contact form to request information on how to bring me to your parish, school, or diocese. You can find examples of my presentations on my YouTube channel.

Speaking Topics

I’m happy to speak on any of these topics or customize a presentation just for your group!

  • The Hyperlinked Church – As digital technologies become increasingly pervasive in our world, an emerging “digital culture” is influencing our beliefs and behaviors. What challenges and opportunities does this culture present to the Church? And how can parishes tap into this culture to help believers encounter Jesus Christ?
  • Building a Better Disciple – This talk explores what it means to be a Christian through the lens of Acts 2:42: “They devoted themselves to the teaching of the apostles and to the communal life, to the breaking of the bread and to the prayers.” Real, practical strategies for growing our relationship with Jesus will be offered.
  • Schools of Mercy: Pope Francis’ Five Lessons for Parishes and Catholic Schools – With the announcement of the Year of Mercy, Pope Francis invites us to extend Christ’s gratuitous mercy to those around us. What does it mean to be a merciful parish or school? And how can Pope Francis’ example help us to grow a merciful disciples of Jesus Christ?

“Jonathan Sullivan’s presentation was an eye opener that challenged me to look at new technology as a means to engage our younger members.”

  • Where Two or Three are Texting: Incarnation and Sacrament in a Virtual World — The young people in our schools and parishes are increasingly citizens of a virtual world where they carry out many traditionally “physical” activities, including living out their faith! Other Christian communities are experimenting with “online church.” What is an “online church” and is it an option for Catholics? How does the “digital continent” influence the way we prepare young people and catechumens to receive the sacraments? This presentations explores these questions and offer some avenues for appropriate use of digital technologies in living our faith.
  • Catholic Schools: Centers of the New Evangelization – For fifty years the Church has exhorted the faithful to engage the world in a new evangelization. This call to be missionaries is especially relevant for Catholic schools where young people are formed as disciples of Christ. This presentation for Catholic school teachers and administrators helps focus their work in the context of the New Evangelization. Participants will gain an understanding of the New Evangelization and learn concrete steps for integrating it into the classroom and school community.

Best technology presentation of the week! [Jonathan] pushed people, forcing them to go out of their comfort zone. He taught useful tools and I felt I walked away with great knowledge for our diocesan offices.”

  • Evangelizing and Catechizing the “Net Generation” – Today’s generation gap seems larger than ever. The students in our parishes and schools are comfortable with technologies that seemed like science fiction when many of us were growing up. Given the radically different way that young people today use technology to take in and process knowledge, what are the implications for PSR programs and Catholic schools? How can we reach out to without compromising the Gospel? And what do teachers, parents, and catechists need to know about this “brave new world?” This workshop seeks to address these questions and help find ways to “bridge the gap.”
  • Growing in Holiness Through Middle Management – The Second Vatican Council renewed the Church’s teaching on the universal call to holiness. Yet many administrators find it a challenge to connect their job responsibilities with their spiritual life. Can management be a path to holiness? This presentation explores the connection between leadership and Christ’s threefold ministry as priest, prophet and king with an emphasis on real-world applications for catechetical leaders.

“I love Jonathan! He’s so practical and enjoys his mission so much!”