Webinars Archive

Finding Copyright-Free Images for Catechetical Use

In this short video I show how to find free images for use in catechetical projects while still respecting copyright.

Using New Media for Professional Catechetical Development

Online platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, webinars, and podcasts offer amazing opportunities for connecting to catechetical resources and leaders across the country ” and the world!

How can you use these tools to develop your skills as a catechetical leader? What resources are available? And what are the best ways to find these resources?

This presentation explores these questions and offers practical tips and resources for using new media for professional development as a catechetical leader.


Diocesan Social Media Policy Training

In June 2012 my office, in conjunction with our diocesan Office for Information Technology, offered training on our new diocesan social media policy.

How I Use Twitter

People often tell me that they don’t “get” Twitter and how it can be used. This is a short video explaining how I personally use Twitter in my work on behalf of the Church.

9 ½ Social Media Strategies for the Church

This webinar outlines 9 ½ effective social media strategies for Catholic parishes, schools, and other ministries. Find out the most important piece of information that should be on your home page; how to jump-start your Facebook page; and why your parish shouldn’t be on Twitter — but your pastor should!

Reaching Parishioners with Facebook

This webinar explores why parishes should have a presence on Facebook, how to set up a Facebook page, and how parishes can connect with their parishioners by setting up a Facebook page.

Catechizing Digital Natives

Given the radically different way that œdigital natives  use technology to take in and process knowledge, what are the implications for the catechetical ministry of the Church? How can we reach out to them without compromising the Gospel? And what do teachers and catechists need to know about this œbrave new world?  This webinar addresses these questions and helps catechists, Catholic teachers, and youth ministers find ways to œbridge the gap. 

Social Networking – A Primer for Catholic Teachers and Catechists

This webinar offers an overview of social networking for beginners with a special emphasis on implications for Catholic school teachers and catechists. It will offer a brief look at the Church’s teaching on social media, examine the most popular social networking sites, and offer guidelines for getting started in the world of social networking.