Free Webcast: 5 Things Parents Should Know About Keeping Their Kids Catholic

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I’m really excited about a free webcast I’m hosting next week! 5 Things Parents Should Know About Keeping Their Kids Catholic is a free, 30 minute webcast for Catholic parents about the things they need to know if they want their kids to practice the faith for a lifetime! Parents will learn The most important […]

Free Webcast: Digital Culture with Daniella Zsupan-Jerome

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Join me next Tuesday, August 23, at 3p Eastern Time, for a conversation with Daniella Zsupan Jerome, professor of pastoral theology at Notre Dame Seminary (New Orleans) and author of Connected Toward Communion: The Church and Social Communication in the Digital Age. We’ll be discussing what the advent of a connected world means for the […]

Apprenticeship Activities Outside the Parish

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Last week I wrote about viewing Christian apprenticeship as something that happens outside the immediate orbit of the parish. So what would non-parish based Christian apprenticeship look like? Broadly speaking there are few set characteristics. It could center on a stable, long-term group or activity. It could involve strangers coming together for a short time. It may […]

Free Webcast: 4 Attitudes of Excellent Parish Staffs

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This Thursday at 9p Eastern Time I will be offering a short, 30-minute webcast exploring the four attitudes cultivated by parish staff members that sets the stage for excellent ministry. You can access the webcast live at or by returning to this post: If you can’t join the webcast live, no worries! It will […]

Inculturation, Evangelization, and the Digital Continent

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Last month I attended the 2016 Liturgy Symposium hosted by the Center for Liturgy at the University of Notre Dame. The theme of the conference was “Liturgy and the New Evangelization” and featured a great presentation by Daniella Zsupan-Jerome on digital culture and the liturgical capacity of persons. Daniella’s keynote has me reflecting on the […]