The Road Goes Ever On and On…

Today I’m traveling by train to Chicago for a meeting of the NCCL Rep Council. On our agenda, among other items, are discerning new board members, updates to the institutional web site, and how and to what extent to integrate evangelization into the structures of the organization. Please pray for NCCL and its leadership as we discuss these issues.

Next Thursday evening I will be in Brooklyn for a workshop with parish catechetical leaders in that diocese:

“When you pray”: Cultivating the New Evangelization through Prayer and Sacred Scripture
The New Evangelization is centered on the person of Jesus Christ and assisting others in their journey as his disciples. This evening of learning and reflection will guide participants through various scriptural prayer types with an eye for how they can deepen our relationship with Jesus.

Please pray for me and these catechetical leaders that the Holy Spirit may guide our time together!