Video: Understanding the Necessity of the Three “News” of New Evangelization

On October 19 I had the privilege of moderating the weekly #CatholicEdChat on Twitter. Our conversation centered on the New Evangelization.

The very first question I asked was how people understand the phrase “New Evangelization.” The responses prompted me to make this three-minute video about Bl. Pope John Paul II’s three “news” of the New Evangelization:


  1. Very nicely done! I love it! I never considered those three things as a union or intersection before. I just thought of them as three things that should be done, but not what would happen if they weren’t all done. In fact, I never considered them as a trio that would make the new evangelization ineffective without. Great thoughts!

  2. Cyndi Marlow says:

    Wonderful insights. Giving me new inspiration.

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