Notes and Resources: Using New Media for Professional Development

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Thank to everyone who participated in my webinar today on using new media for professional development in catechesis!

Here are my notes, a link to the opening prayer from the USCCB,  and some of the resources I mentioned during the webinar:




Reading Blogs

Creating Blogs


2 thoughts on “Notes and Resources: Using New Media for Professional Development

  1. There are many dioceses who closing their media centers (VHS, DVDs, cassettes, CDs, reel to reel). I recently consulted Franciscan Media regarding using online services to download their media online for use in catecheis. Also RCL Benziger / NCCL produced Echoes Plus and they are hoping to offer an online service to this soon. Regarding Franciscan Media, I commented that their offerings are good, but what catechists need are faith clips that they can incorporate into their lesson plans (perhaps their PowerPoints). They should not be long, but stories or teachbale clips on a variety of topics. Any comments with this?

    1. Bryan,nnnI’ve found plenty of clips on YouTube when I’ve looked for something to “spice up” a presentation, but I agree that media from publishers would be most welcome.nnnI recently spoke to some of the leadership at Loyola Press about digital curriculum and suggested that what we really need are pieces of media that have been released under a Creative Commons license so that the youth can use them in “mash-ups.” For instance, one of the Catholic music publishers could release mp3s and encourage youth groups to create their own music videos for them. Or video clips could be released for students to edit and reconfigure into a new creation. This will challenge publishers to rethink how they (and whether they can) control their products, but it will also give us tools to engage youth in media creation — something they are already doing with more secular subjects.nnn(Side note: This is one of my big frustrations with the USCCB’s Catechetical Sunday materials. While many of the articles are good, I need something shorter to post on our diocesan blog/Facebook page/etc. Unfortunately their strict copyright means I can’t edit them down into something I can use — their insistence on control makes what they produce much less useful to me.)nnnI have to admit that I don’t mourn the media centers — physical media has already been replaced with more easily accessible digital media. I just hope the publishers can/will adjust to this new reality.

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