Q&A with Bishop Paprocki and Catholic High Schools

Yesterday I had the pleasure of moderating a Catholic Schools Week Q&A webcast with Bishop Thomas John Paprocki and the students of the seven Catholic high schools in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois:

I was very impressed with the questions the students came up with (a nice mixture of light and serious) and very pleased that, for our first attempt at this type of webcast, the technology didn’t fall apart on us! Our hope is to make this an annual event and to develop a similar experience for the other Catholic schools in our diocese.

The “Circles” of the New Evangelization


The phrase “New Evangelization” is frequently thrown around today to describe a variety of programs, teachings, initiatives, and projects – so much so that sometimes we forget that the New Evangelization is at its core, in the words of Donald Cardinal Wuerl, “a mode of thinking, seeing and acting… a lens through which we see […]

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Gigs, Geeks and God


Today I am giving the keynote address at the Archdicoese of Milwaukee’s Gigs, Geeks and God conference. The topic of my keynote — “The New Evangelization in a Digital Culture” — explores how the Church can adapt to the emerging internet culture and rethink parish life in light of it. A video of the presentation […]

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Casting My Lots – Episode 2: Reading Time


In this week’s episode of Casting My Lots I go into a little more depth about yesterday’s “Five Books” post: (What is Casting My Lots? Check out last week’s inaugural episode for details.)

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5 Books for 2015


I am a firm believer that one of the most important activities a leader can engage in is good reading. Reading exposes us to new and challenging ideas, expands our understanding of the world, and offers respite from our normal business. Since 2010 I’ve started out the year by recommending books I’ve read the past […]

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Casting My Lots – Episode 1: Introductions


This week I’m debuting Casting My Lots, a weekly video in which I talk about something related to the catechetical ministry that has piqued my interest or caught my fancy. I explain the where and the why in episode 1: I’m very excited to be doing a regular media-rich feature on my blog and I […]

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My Top Five Posts of 2014


Despite blogging for well over 10 years, I’ve never been very good about analyzing my blog’s stats to look for trends and patterns. This year I though it would be interesting to see which of my posts were the most-read in this past year. Here’s the list: Book Review: Forming Intentional Disciples (July 23, 2012): […]

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I Don’t Want the Best


Last year our diocesan department hosted a year-long discipleship program at a parish. At the introductory session the parish offered the use of a new LCD television mounted in the gathering space where we were presenting. It was obvious that the parish was very proud of the TV and wanted to make good use of it. […]

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Are Your Tweets Putting Your Ministry at Risk?


Yesterday I ran across a story about a recent Federal Trade Commission settlement with Deutsch LA, an advertising firm, regarding their social media marketing on behalf of a client. Long story short: Deutsch LA a) tweeted information for a client and b) encouraged employees to do the same on their personal accounts, c) without disclosing the […]

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Forming Intentional Disciples in the Parish


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to record a video session for the USCCB’s Diocesan Educational and Catechetical Leadership Institute. The video, “Forming Intentional Disciples in the Parish,” is now available. The session includes a few handouts to download; you can access the slides and discussion questions as a PDF file. The other […]

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